A Channelled Message for Autumn Equinox

Autumn is a time of harvest, nourishment, planning, and celebration.

With the Autumn Equinox coming into full prominence at around 6:00 pm Pacific time, I've been preparing for it by rearranging my altar. This is something I do every time an equinox or solstice heralds a new season. However, I am noticing that since I still don't have access to all my altar and ritual materials (still unpacking boxes from my move earlier this year) I find my Self thinking that my altar looks bare or will somehow be less powerful because of this. For now, it's just my cards from my Year Ahead Spread that I do each year, a single candlestick, my decks, prayer beads, and my late ferret's, Stella, ashes.

I'm trying to reframe the idea that this minimalism doesn't make my altar less powerful but instead makes it more focused. The energy and potency are honed in to revolve around these few items, making it more intentional. And with this approach to my altar and magical practice, I've found surprising ease and refreshing quality in my day-to-day life.

This Autumn I found time to finally start recording channelled audio messages. This is a project that I've wanted to start for some time now. Much of my work is an experiment in using my voice. I've gotten quite comfortable in using my voice in a written form, sharing thoughts and musings via this newsletter, my blog, and occasionally Instagram/Twitter. So the next step I've been called to step into is my literal voice; my vocal chords, mouth, and air. Called to deliver the things my guides and Self create in tandem.

I started with the occasional IG reel and recently did my first solo IG live (you can listen/watch those here). It's been nerve-wracking and exciting. But born from that, came the confidence to start this project.

Introducing Channelled Seasonal Messages

A 4-part series that will be released over the next year on the appropriate Equinoxes and Solstices. The first part of the series, the Channelled Message for Autumn is live in my shop today for $15 CAD! You'll receive the audio message, the full transcription, and a guidebook to aid your reflective, spiritual and magical practice. Within the guidebook, you can expect a Tarot Spread layout using the questions I pose within the audio & a suggestion for a ritual to connect to your desires this Autumn.

I touch on Autumn as the season of harvest. How the Earth invites us to step into the process of receiving and nourishing our Self. How seasons of our life continue to reap new growth. How seeds grow regardless of how intentional we've been in planting them. We are meant to celebrate this season, we are meant to experience the unrestrained jubilance and pleasure that comes from a full harvest.

TLDR; you can receive my Channelled Message for the Autumn Equinox (part 1 in a series of Channelled Messages for the Seasons) in my shop for $15 CAD.

If you are a Suit of Chalices member you can access this free via your $15/month membership, check our community portal for your download link.

I'm experimenting with making my offerings more varied and thus being able to make some more affordable than others. In the past, I've done that through a sliding scale on my 1:1 work and having people who are paying the full cost essentially cover the reduced fees of people on lower tiers of my pricing model. Recently, I started learning from Captolia, who shared this model of structuring offerings and pricing that I've really resonated with. So, this is an experiment in testing out that sort of model, you can choose to pay more if you can/want to/feel called to.

P.S. You may have noticed that our newsletter has a new look. I've moved from Mailchimp to Beehiiv. From this email forward, you'll be able to see the post archive at any time via the link below. Add it to your bookmarks so you don't lose it!