Why my Channelled Message for Autumn is the poetic inspiration you need

I can't promise that my Channelled Message for Autumn will change your life

...or finally, help everything fall into alignment.

I can't promise that after listening to it and doing the workbook companion I created that you'll leave with specific actions and results.

(after all, it's not an in-depth course or anything)

However, I can promise that you'll leave this offering INSPIRED

That you'll understand your relationship to the Autumn and Harvest seasons of your life a bit better.

That you'll have reflected on what it means to celebrate your Self.

You'll leave with a ritual that you can use to connect with your body and evoke your own poetic reflection

This ritual is simple, and is based on one that I practice whenever I'm about to ask my Tarot cards for personal guidance

Best of all, you don't need any specific tools to engage with my Channelled Offering for Autumn. Yes, a Tarot deck or other tool like that is recommended.

However, you can easily use any of the prompts and questions I pose for journalling. For automatic writing. Or poetic contemplation.

In short, this message is an offering I created for any spiritual seekers like you.

Use this message as a vessel for your connection to your body this Autumn and uncover what inspiration springs forth from engaging with it.