The Crow Guards the Golden Egg

All Hallows' Eve and Uncle Money

Happy Hallowe'en & Samhain everyone!

The veil has thinned, and our ancestors, spirit guides, and kindred spirits are crossing over to say hello. Earlier this month, I received a Spirit Guide Contact Reading from Kir Beaux of Pink Opal Magic and met a guide who also happens to be a direct ancestor.

During this reading, Kir shared with me that this uncle would appreciate a plate of food left out for him specifically on my altar. (I usually leave undedicated offerings on Samhain). While he doesn't have lots he can teach me in the way of magic, he didn't know (or even consider) that there was an afterlife until he passed, he does have lots to teach me about money. What it means to make money, how to release shame around it, and how to use it ethically.

Considering that this November is the month of the Golden Egg, I'd say that it bodes well for me. The Golden Egg symbolizes many things, wealth, money, and treasures being an obvious interpretation. However, it also means protection for me personally. There is a meditation that I do regularly called an Egg Meditation. You visualize yourself surrounded by a permeable egg barrier, that filters only what you want to enter and allows for excess to leave. A continuous exchange. Whenever I do this meditation I always see a glowing, golden light surrounding me, which has led me to see gold as protective.

Combine that with the Crow, my year's theme, and it only strengthens the spiritual seeking I will do this month. As October was coming to an end, I noticed my Self retreating. Wanting to be more solitary, and avoiding some of the projects I had started. I am already transitioning to this protective state, and the Crow is guiding me there. They, like Uncle Money (that's not his real name, I just don't want to share it publically), are a wise leader who is teaching me about letting go of shame. The Crow focuses on my shame around how I live and the cycles of my life. Teaching me to release judgment for being changeable and ever-shifting.

But what about you?

What sort of hibernation do you need for the end of the year?

How do you want to protect your spirit and sense of identity?

What does it mean to be guided by beings from beyond our world? Or to interact with them?

If you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear it. Just hit reply!

Future Bookings

As you may know, I put a pause on long-term client relationships. I'm making space for my Self to uncover what I need to work sustainably and with care. This means it's time for me to retreat to my egg, and sit in silence. To wait for my guides, my Self, and the universe to share what knowledge they have to offer. To allow my heart to share the message it holds within.

I will be opening my books once every few months in the new year for Tarot Readings, Year Ahead Spreads, and Timeline Jumps. However, I won't be maintaining any long-term client relationships. These will be one-off sessions, offered intermittently. When my books open, I will share a link to my calendar where you can book.

TL;DR: I'm hibernating for the rest of the year. In 2023, you'll be able to book the odd session once every few months.

You can expect my monthly newsletters and the odd hyper-specific spiritual meme on Instagram until then.