I'm claiming my intimidation factor as power

On creating a world where I love my softening and hardening parts equally

The monthly cards I'm navigating for December are The Crow & The Lion. Two creatures I would never expect to see together in my corner of the world... Unless I was at the Zoo for a Lion exhibit and saw some crows trying to steal Lion's meal. I wouldn't put it past these crafty wisdom holders!

Having the Crow as a year's theme has been really potent. I love Crows, their sleek black feathers, their call, the little hops they do when covering distance on foot; there is so much to enjoy. Crows have taught me much about the power of:

  • community

    • (it's rare that I ever see a crow completely alone, there's always a bond nearby)

  • grieving together

    • (did you know that crows will circle the body of a dead flockmate to grieve together?)

  • and the tenacity to live in a world that thinks you are a pest. A nuisance. An annoyance.

Lions, on the other hand, are not a creature I think about a lot. Not one I have ever seen in person either. The closest thing I have are all my Leo loved ones. This makes sense as a Scorpio Sun. It's a bond that commonly works out because of the shared elements these signs tend to hold in their shadow sides. We work well because we understand shared struggles and can make light of moments that would otherwise be judged by someone else.

So, when I thought about what Lion month meant for me in combination with the Crow... I thought of themes of leadership and community, of course. However, a specific wish & intention I've set for December and Sagittarius season is to be so rooted in the power of my own values and ethics that I don't need to fear intimidating others.

Sometimes I think of my intimidation factor as something that keeps others from connecting with me. AND at the same time, my intimidation protects me from inane people who would judge me based on such a surface thing. Resting bitch face, a dour appearance in public; even my tendency to not smile in selfies... these all contribute to protecting me from people that I don't need (or want) to waste time on.

Instead, I claim my intimidation as my source of power.

I claim my non-expressive public demeanour as saving energy for the people who matter.

I claim my choice to be daunting, terrifying, and even domineering to anyone who doesn't want to make the effort to get to know me on a deeper level.

This is the kind of shadow work that I've been stepping into this winter. To examine these parts of my Self that I tend to judge because I've internalized a thought that colonial capitalism told me is "truth". To break down and actively destroy the kinds of self-policing and censoring I engage in. To radically love the bits of me that are hardened and armoured just as much as my softness and gentleness.

Booking for Year Ahead Spreads Open

With the end of the year approaching, I'm opening up spots for Year Ahead Spreads. I do this spread for my Self each year in my birth month. However, another great time to get guidance for the year to come is when the New Year is approaching!

These 13-card readings give you animal guides for each month and one for your year's theme. By coming intuitive guidance, channelling, and years of cartomancy experience, I create space for you to welcome and explore the parts of your Self that you deny.

We'll dig into what guidance you need to hear in a compassionate and gently challenging container. Just email "queeries @ mavericklumen.com" (no spaces or quotations) to claim your spot and I'll send you some possible dates and times for our meeting.

When I say this is a year's worth of guidance I mean it. You'll be returning to the cards drawn each month, uncovering new perspectives and meanings with each reflection. It's a great way to bolster your solo reflective practice and own witchy rituals.

Payment of $222 CAD for your Year Ahead Spread will be collected upon booking to secure your spot.

By being part of my newsletter community you get to hear about this first! On Dec 12th I'll open up bookings to my Instagram community before closing my books for the year.

TL;DR: My intimidation factor is divine actually. And booking for Year Ahead Spreads is open.

In devotion to ever-evolving change,