The Stories of Our Ancestors

Creative & Imaginative Writing as Ancestral Work for Diasporic Asians & QTBIPOC

A banner showing event details for the workshop, The Stories of Our Ancestors. More details within the post

An offering for fellow Diasporic Asians & QTBIPOC in connecting with our ancestors

Combining shared community space and reflective, storytelling exercises, I invite you to share space with me and my dear friend, Ji-Youn Kim (they/she) for our workshop "The Stories of Our Ancestors!" on May 11 at 5 P.M. Pacific time. Hosted via Zoom.

Whether you have experience doing ancestor work or this will be your first time stepping in, this virtual space will be open for you to creatively write and explore the stories you've learned about your people. You do not need to know any specifics about your ancestry to join, your self-identification is enough.

Tickets are on a sliding scale, with the standard rate at $35 CAD, and the supporter and community rates at $45 and $25 respectively. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, so do reach out to get a ticket at whatever fee you can contribute (including free). Contact email is on the Eventbrite page.

Hey, White newsletter subscribers!

Please forward this to any friends, coworkers, or people you know who might benefit from this space. My Instagram post promoting this event is also live at queerlich if that is easier for you to share with folks. Thanks for being a part of my community :D