What if transformation was easy?

What if I told you that the struggle wasn't necessary?

Whew! It's been a busy month here in Maverick land.

If you're like me, having had a busy day, week, month, or gods forbid a whole damn year of busyness... I invite you to take a really deep breath with me.

To feel the air enter your nose and expand through your core. Letting your body welcome in ease and rest.

To feel it pass your lips as you exhale. Letting your body release tension.

To remind your Self that you can experience whatever it is you desire in life. Claiming your dreams, wishes, hopes, and goals isn't as complex as we make it out to be.

I believe that we don't have to struggle our way through healing or transformation.

We can make the process joyful, easeful, and absolutely divine. All you have to do is open yourself to the possibility that change can be any one of these things (and more!).

All you have to do to shift to an alternative way of being is start believing you can embody that new version, today. 

Because let's face it, your 'healed'/ 'better'/ 'higher Self' (or whatever adjective you tend to judge your current Self against) is just that, a different way of doing life.

I know, this can be challenging to face. It was difficult for me to accept at first too. I thought that if I accepted this possibility, it meant that all the struggling I had done up until then was worthless. Accepting the possibility of change being easy meant that I struggled for no reason. This is a classic case of rejecting something because I thought it invalidated my past and present Self.

I didn't want to accept it, so I didn't.

I continued to believe that my healing would have to take time, dedication, and effort to get anywhere. I did the work, I went to counselling, and I poured out my feelings and traumas to counsellors who didn't care about the politics of what I was experiencing. I retraumatized my Self and was in a state of constant nervous system activation because I wasn't ready for an alternative method.

Because I bought the lie that therapy is the only way we can heal and thus access a more easeful life. It's why I ended up going to school for counselling because I started to think that the spiritual work I was doing wasn't enough. And while I definitely appreciate some things I learned there & the connections I made, I also left with more pain.

After school, I left my counsellor. Part of this was a financial decision, I couldn't afford to see her while getting my practice running, and part of this was my spirit realizing I needed something different. This combination of being out of school, the indoctrination that goes on there, and not being an active recipient of counselling, allowed me to expand my mindset.

Being separated from the counselling industry and being a solo-practitioner allowed me to return to the spirituality I had set aside.

I started to remember how healing tarot cards alone can be. I started to remember how transformative the channelling method of automatic writing was. I started to remember how fulfilling it was to sit down and draw or write, to just create something on a whim. I started to remember things my spirit never forgot.

I finally let my Self start believing that change, transformation, and healing could be simple again. That it could take many forms; often looking nothing like the therapeutic methods that I was taught in school. I finally let my body, spirit, and guides lead me on the journey of healing intuitively. I was surprised how much shifted just with the acceptance of this thought.

You might be asking me, but Maverick, does this mean that you are 'healed'? Is it over? Is this thought all I need to finally be done with my healing journey??

And I honestly don't know. I can't provide you with this answer. But I can say that through:

  • accepting change as a neutral and inevitable agent,

  • welcoming it into my life as something that I can easily step into,

  • allowing my spirit guides and body to lead me to curiously pursue what feels good, fun, titillating, playful, and erotic

  • experimenting, in a mad scientist & chaotic witch kinda way, with what I create

    • (whether, art, writing, the spaces I offer, the relationships I foster, or whatever else)

I experience more ease.

the underside of a pink mushroom shows off it's intricate gills

Juan Martin Lopez on Unsplash

My nervous system feels more peaceful and I am able to breathe deeply. I can find more enjoyment in the quiet, slow, and seemingly uneventful moments. I can look at my life and see a profound lack of suicidal thoughts for once. I can connect with other people in ways that feel both pleasurable and a teensy bit challenging (which is the secret to a "relationship-with-Maverick" cocktail).

[side note: if my relationships were a cocktail I think it'd be a Moscow Mule. The challenge is the sour lime juice (I'm really bad with sour things) and the pleasure is the ginger beer *drools thinking about ginger beer*]

We often reject things that our brain and nervous system aren't ready to hold.

Whether its a possible way of doing life, a person who expresses interest, or an opportunity that aligns with our goals. We might chalk it up to a case of imposter syndrome saying "ah I let them get in the way again, I should've chosen differently". But sometimes, this rejection can also be protective.

I think back to past Maverick. What would've happened if I forced my Self to accept that change could be easy when I was first presented with that idea? I probably would've struggled more. I might've even judged my Self harshly because "change is supposed to be easy!!" and nothing about that period of my life felt easy.

The key to devoting ourselves to change being easy, is to also allow the acceptance of this belief to be easy. If you are noticing a shit-ton of resistance, that your inner critic is popping up saying "I think Maverick's full of it", then listen to your Self. Really. Nothing I say, nothing I offer, is prescriptive. It's simply a possibility that may bring you more ease in daily life.

And it's from ease, that magic can blossom.